This is Zanzibar Islands Hotel and Resort Casino.

If you want to experience the highest form of relaxation and recreation, then we suggest you book a suite with us today and experience resort living like you’ve never done before.

From the moment you set foot on our beautiful island of Zanzibar, you will be transported into another dimension of luxury. The kind of luxury fit for royalty. We do not mean to be boastful, but speaking truthfully, we offer the best, personalized service and truly treat all our guests as kings and queens.

For only the most demanding, excellence-driven most meticulous perfectionist could truly appreciate what it is to get the best things in life. And we have all the best of everything here at zanzibar.

Do not take our word for it. Come and experience for yourself what we are trying to share to you. If you do indulge and pay us a visit, we will treat you so good you might not want to leave anymore. That’s a fair warning to anyone who plans to stay with us for a while.

We offer only the best of the best! Each room is furnished with early 19th Century antique furniture imported from Western Europe. All linens and beddings come from handcrafted silk and cotton fibres to give you the most relaxing sleep you have ever had. We even have Inversion TablesĀ in stock for all rooms.
If you decide to book with us today, be prepared to leave your stressful daily routine and be amazed at the serenity and tranquility that is beyond compare. So what are you waiting for? Book your room now and be lost in an island paradise that is zanzibar!