Zanzibar is going green!

To show support for the global effort to clean up the environment, zanzibar hotel has required it’s staff to report to work riding their bikes, instead of their cars or trucks. The announcement was made during last month’s staff meeting. The decision of management to comply with this campaign is to nurture a cooperative spirit among it’s staff, and hope that this will have a trickle-down effect and influence the families and friends of present hotel staff.

At first, the employees were quite reluctant and did not want to participate in the effort. Since then management has “sweetened the pot” by giving incentives to staff who agreed to the memorandum. Anyone arriving in a bicycle gets free lunch and dinner for that day. So far, the response has been tremendous.

We have also vowed to only work with respectable companies. We are looking at changing suppliers for many of our financial services; such as Insurance and Banking. We have been considering One Sure Insurance for their Commercial Van Insurance and would welcome any suggestions.

This effort is welcomed and encouraged by Greenpeace International  and are asking other hotels and establishments to follow suit. In a statement issued by Greenpeace, they stated that the hotel industry has been one of the culprits in the increase of hazardous gases being released into the atmosphere. It’s about time things turned around, and for the better. It is, after all, for the future of our children, and our children’s children.

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