Zanzibar Island (Unguja) – pure, sun-kissed paradise

Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island (or Unguja) is the main island in the Zanzibar Spice Archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar Island is an exotic tropical island with a rich and vibrant culture – a magical, peaceful retreat where time pales into insignificance.

Zanzibar Island is 96km long and 35km wide, formed from coral and limestone. The landscape is rugged, sprinkled with spice and clove plantations, banana and coconut palms, mangroves and dense forest. Zanzibar Tanzania enjoys a tropical climate and refreshing sea breezes. Tourism, fishing and farming are the 3 main industries on Zanzibar Island.

Travelers enjoy sun-kissed Zanzibar Holidays, returning time after time to bask on paradise beaches, dive, sail and snorkel in colourful coral reefs, explore ancient ruins and relics, join famous spice tours, swim with dolphins, trek through the rainforest with its abundance of rare wildlife, and experience the unique rhythm of Zanzibar Island life. There is also a fascinating mix of arabic and swahili architecture dating back to the slave trade.

Zanzibar Holiday accommodation comprises beachfront hotels, small guesthouses, boutique resorts, eco lodges or private villas – all with a unique, individual character.

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Zanzibar Beaches

25 palm-fringed, irresistible, sugary-white beaches lapped by the pure, turquoise sea are the pride and joy of Zanzibar Island. The natural beauty, space and tranquility is food for the soul.

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Zanzibar City and Stone Town

Most of the archipelago’s economy takes place in Zanzibar City – the island’s capital hub - on the central west coast. The island’s visitors arrive here by air, dhow or ferry. At the heart of Zanzibar City is Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other Zanzibar towns include Mbweni, Mangapwani, Chwaka, and Nungwi. Zanzibar Island has several archaeological sites, such as ancient mosques, fortified towns and palaces.

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Zanzibar Wildlife

Zanzibar Island has an unspoiled marine environment, rich in healthy coral gardens and colourful fish. There is a wealth of rare and beautiful flora and fauna in Jozani Forest which is home to the endangered Red Colobus Monkey.

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